here it is ;)


the best coffee i've ever had is a tie between a latte i had at a shop called dada's in my town, and a latte i had at a church near where i live at uni. its difficult to say which is best because i last had a dada coffee ages ago. HOWEVER, since i was sick when i had the church coffee, and i still really enjoyed it, maybe that means that if i was well, it would easily be my favourite?????? who knows. not me! they serve it immediately drinking temperature at the church too, which is a huge plus. i hate it when i drink boiling hot drinks, it burns my tongue, and then i can't enjoy the rest of the drink!
also- guilty admission here- my and my housemates bought a tassimo coffee machine last year and the costa latte pods are actually scrum :| sorry! i am a cappuccino person at the end of the day tho ALSO since like 2016(?) ive had like one pumpkin spice latte from starbucks every year to track how the quality changes year per year. this was after i listened to a podcast that said that a few years ago they changed from a powdered flavouring to a goo/syrup?? and then the taste dramatically got worse, and has been steadily increasing. so yeah. i cant really remember but i thinkkkkkk 2019 was the best year for them? 2022 was definitely not amazing but that might have been because i realised that paying £4.50 for a drink is criminal? and so my expectations were set very very high. anywho, greggs does a psl knockoff too which is pretty scrummy and also half the price.

i've tried a lot of different coffees since my last review. first off, ive been making a lot of french press coffee recently. i could never make it right but it turns out i was using a heaped tablespoon of coffee grounds rather than a rounded spoon lol! but anyway, i bought this set of 3 fancy flavoured ground coffees from a tea shop called wittards? because they were for christmas and so it was on sale. but omg. the gingerbread flavoured one? splendid. i can even drink it without milk, which is a rarity for me. i rate it very highly.
another thing is that im enjoying flat whites a lot more than lattes? i think it's just that theyre starting to taste like coffee flavoured milk now, which is not what im after. i had a good one at this bougie upper class greggs knock off called gails, i think its becoming a big thing here in the uk. and also another 4/5 at this hut outside the museum in my uni city. it was good....... but theyre a cashless business which i oppose spiritually politically and groovily.
i also had a nice flavoured coffee at this adorable coffee shop by a lake??? they seem to sell psl all year round which is so totally my bag, baby. here, enjoy a photo. i also got one of those gacha balls which i am now realising you can see in the foreground LOL!

i have tried a LOT of coffee since february. i mean first off, im now an oat milk truther. i dont use milk enough to justify having it in my fridge- it will go off before i finish it, and so oat is perfect. it all started actually because my housemate discovered she is lactose intolerant and so started using oat. i tried one of her coffees and was reminded that it's yum. it adds a certain sweetness to it, even if it's unsweetened.
have i had any other coffee since my last update though? i'm not sure. i tried a very nasty cold brew? but i think im just not a cold brew fan. ive stopped going to that church coffee shop because after some research i found that it's part of a chain of churches funded and designed to mass convert young people and i dont want to support that. they also werent super nice to my friend. idk ive had a lot of vending machine coffee because of long study hours. i went to a nice coffee shop in my city's arcade and sat outside it. and right opposite where i sat was a record shop so i went there too B). and got the new abnormal! very good album. it's nice though, getting that very french feeling of sitting outside a cafe, but since it's in an arcade, im still protected from the rain and harsh sun! best of both worlds i guess. oh yeah and the coffee was fine.